Sunday, September 23, 2012

Proposed amendment to the KCWFNA constitution

Proposed amendment to the KCWFNA constitution Article 6

National Elections

A unanimous decision was made at the KCWFNA National Council conference call on 01/11/2012 to avoid election to appoint the next KCWFNA executives. This decision was made as a result of a common interest among the Women’s Forum National Council members that Women's Forum should not entertain or encourage the growth of dirty politics amongst our members.

This is our proposal to appoint the KCWFNA executives without an election. Please read carefully and give your valuable feedback so we can all work together to avoid election in the future.

The term for each KCWFNA executive will be 2 years. Similar to KCCNA constitution, KCWFNA will group the active member units into 6 regions. Each 6 regions will nominate one person as a delegate to the KCWFNA executive. The delegate shall rotate between the member units of each region (just like the KCCNA RVPs rotate among the member units within a region). If there is more than one nominee from one unit/region it is the responsibility of the executives of that unit/region to reach a compromise and choose a nominee (conduct election locally if needed). In the future, if new active KCWFNA member units are formed the regions can be regrouped according to the number of the total members within that region.

We propose to have 6 positions in the KCWFNA executive to represent each region. These 6 positions will be President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer, and Joint Treasurer. The regions should rotate these positions at the end of each terms based on alphabetical order. If a region cannot come up with a candidate for a position then the next region should be given the opportunity.

The membership in KCCNA national council remains the same, that is for the KCWFNA President, Vice President, and Secretary until amended by the KCCNA constitution. An effort to get membership in KCCNA national council for all 6 executive positions of KCWFNA will be made. It makes sense to give all regions the same opportunity to have women national council members in KCCNA representing the Women's Forum.

The 6 regions of KCWFNA are the following:
At Large, California, Chicago, Florida, New York, Texas.

The following are the active KCWFNA units currently working.
  1. At Large- Philadelphia, Washington, Boston, Detroit, Minnesota, Ohio
  2. California – San Jose, Las Vegas, Arizona, Los Angeles
  3. Chicago- Chicago
  4. Florida – Atlanta, Miami, Tampa
  5. New York– New York
  6. Texas – Houston, Dallas, San Antonio

Please review and give your feedback.
KCWFNA executives.

Monday, January 9, 2012

KCWFNA 2012 activities

KCWFNA will be chairing 3 committees for the upcoming 2012 KCCNA convention, at Orlando, Florida.

1. The Women's Forum activities committee during the convention
2. The reception committee
3. The KCJL/Kids club activity committee

Amend the bylaws of the constitution. Get input and suggestions from national council members.

Chicago WF will be conducting a Holiday Party on 1/28/12 at Lone Tree Manor Banquet Hall. Mr and Mrs Kna will be selected on this day. There will be talent shows by various adults and entertainment from different groups of talented artists in Chicago.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chicago WF activities 2011

Holiday Party for ladies - Holiday Inn, Des Plaines, IL 1/29/11
Computer Class for ladies by Jojo Perumanathettu @ Community Center 3/19/11
Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament, Schaumburg, IL  -Family Nite 4/29/11
Seminar for the parents of teenagers on how to communicate with teens. Dr. Margaret Baumann @ Community Center 5/7/11
Seminar for teens and parents - Dr. Thomas Naratadam @ Community Center 7/2011
ULSAV 2011 - fund raising program -stage show 9/4/11

ULSAV 2011 - Chicago WF Annual Fund-raising program

Dear all,
Chicago WF will be conducting a fund raising program on 9/4/11. The highlight to this program will be an opening segment by the talented and well-known artist Ms. Shingari Makkora. She will be teaching up to 5 different dances in this segment to boys and girls age 10 and up. Those who are interested please come to the audition on 5/14/11 @ 10:00am to the community center, Chicago. Participants will be responsible for the teacher and costume fee.
Chicago WF Executives.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Upcoming events!

Regional seminars and fund raising activities.

Chicago Seminar - May 7, 2011
Dear all,

KCS Women's Forum Chicago will be conducting a seminar for the parents of preteens, teens, and young adults on Saturday 5/7/11 at 12 pm at the Community Center. Dr. Baumann, a Hines physician who is a Harvard Univ graduate will be conducting the seminar. The topics covered will be how to improve communication with teens, how to identify signs and symptoms of drug use and depression among the youngsters. Everyone who is interested please be on time on 5/7 th. 

KCS Women's Forum Executives. 

New York Seminar - June 5, 2011

On behalf of Greater New York WF , I would like to inform you that we are planning mothers day and nurses day celebration on June 5th with seminar on communication skills plus entertainment. Later on planned for Onam celebration, Drug and Alcohol Addiction treatment etc. Date will be decided as per center availability. Inviting all of you on June 5th. Will keep in touch.                                           
Thanks. Vimala Puthuparambil , secretary Greater NY WF 

KCWFNA Vision and goals for 2011-2013

Dear all,

Vision and Goals:  We would like to have a conference call with all regions and receive input from all local units.   We are here to offer any support and help.  If newer Woman's Forum units need advice, we would love to help them.  

Our main goal is to focus on our family and children.  We will do some healthy and effective seminars in each regions, based on family life

Also, we would like to raise money for less fortunate families in Kerala, such as those who cannot afford a wedding for their daughters or to children who lack school supplies, clothes, umbrellas, etc. 

We have a lot of experience in fund raising, so we would like to help local units come up with ideas for fund raising, if they needed it.   

We would like to start a national raffle.  We would send the raffles to each local unit.  The local units can sell the raffles on behalf of the National Woman's Forum, and keep some of the money.  And the rest would be for our National organization.  We are thinking possible prizes are cruises tickets, flights, jewelry, TVs, etc. 

Amend the bylaws of the Women's Forum.

Gracy Vachachira
President, National Woman's Forum

KCWFNA Mission Statement

KCWFNA Mission Statement

The Knanaya Catholic Women's Forum will be a platform for women to meet, share ideas, organize, strive, strengthen, reflect, and empower their value in the Knanaya Community and be role models as devotional Christian women to their daughters and sisters.