Sunday, April 24, 2011

KCWFNA Vision and goals for 2011-2013

Dear all,

Vision and Goals:  We would like to have a conference call with all regions and receive input from all local units.   We are here to offer any support and help.  If newer Woman's Forum units need advice, we would love to help them.  

Our main goal is to focus on our family and children.  We will do some healthy and effective seminars in each regions, based on family life

Also, we would like to raise money for less fortunate families in Kerala, such as those who cannot afford a wedding for their daughters or to children who lack school supplies, clothes, umbrellas, etc. 

We have a lot of experience in fund raising, so we would like to help local units come up with ideas for fund raising, if they needed it.   

We would like to start a national raffle.  We would send the raffles to each local unit.  The local units can sell the raffles on behalf of the National Woman's Forum, and keep some of the money.  And the rest would be for our National organization.  We are thinking possible prizes are cruises tickets, flights, jewelry, TVs, etc. 

Amend the bylaws of the Women's Forum.

Gracy Vachachira
President, National Woman's Forum

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